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For the last 25 years we have been inplementing M2M and loT projects, focusing on data acquisition, machine learning, process prediction, optimization and predictive maintenance for power plants, underground gas silos and the manufacturing industry, among others. Explore the potential of collaboration with TTPSC — no.1 Solution Center

IoT platforms

  • icon Application Development

    Application Development

    Application Development – from architecture definition, through implementation and DevOps, to quality assurance – full scope of services for ThingWorx solutions.

  • icon ThingWorx Connectivity

    ThingWorx Connectivity

    ThingWorx Connectivity – deliver better security, analyse data on the edge, connect with local devices. AlwaysOn is the next generation of device communication.

  • icon ThingWorx Integrations

    ThingWorx Integrations

    ThingWorx Integrations – connect your business to IoT to achieve even more value. Service knowledge systems, PLM systems, Augmented Reality extensions… all at your reach.

  • icon ThingWorx Integrations

    ThingWorx Extensions

    ThingWorx Extensions – missing functionality in ThingWorx? No problem! We will create extensions that will perfectly fit your business needs.

  • icon ThingWorx Integrations

    Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft Azure - solutions and services base.

  • icon ThingWorx Studio

    ThingWorx Studio

    ThingWorx Studio – transform applications into immersive experiences that enable users to better create, service and operate products in the smart, connected world through augmented reality.

  • icon ThingWorx Kinex/Navigate

    ThingWorx Kinex/Navigate

    ThingWorx Kinex/Navigate – accelerate product development with Navigate – complete, contextual, up-to-date and accurate product data from systems of record like PLM, ALM and others.

  • icon Hardware


    Hardware – hardware definition, sensors, cabling, edge-processing units, onboard computers in ThingWorx and SCADA/DCS implementations. Define your physical IoT products.

  • icon Certification


    Certification – equipment maker wanting to ThingWorx Ready-certify your hardware? You came to the right place – we will guide you step by step to get the most of your products!

Internet of Things

The heart of the Internet of Things system is a platform, and nowadays, we have got a few of those. That is why it is so important to choose the right mechanism, which will allow achieving goals related to a project. What is IoT platform? It is a kind of connector which makes cooperation between all the elements included in the IoT system easier. It is the thing that makes it possible for communication, management, analytics, visualisation or databases to be used by means of only one tool- IoT platform.

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Data Science Services

We specializes in data analysis, artificial intelligence as well as machine learning.

Action plan for implementing your first Internet of Things project

  • icon Innovation workshops
    01 Innovation workshops
    icon duration
    Duration:  1-2 days

    We start with a meeting. Our expert will help prepare an IoT strategy which brings most benefits to your Enterprise.

  • icon Idea and Project
    02 Idea and Project
    icon duration
    Duration:  1-3 weeks

    We demonstrate a concept of an IoT & AR project - how to build competitive advantage, which kind of technologies and elements to use to maintain optimal balance.

  • icon Implementation
    03 Implementation
    icon duration
    Duration:  2 - 3 weeks

    Implementation of the agreed project in an Agile methodology, so your team can influence the shape of the end-solution.

  • icon Machine Learning
    04 Machine Learning
    icon duration
    Duration:  2 weeks

    System and sensor data analysis in order to build predictive models and atrificial intelligence models fitting your needs.

Operational Internet of Things pilot in 3 months / 25 000 €*
  • icon Analysis and IoT
    05 Analysis and IoT implementation roadmap for Enterprise
    icon duration
    Duration:  2 weeks

    Definition of individual steps of implementating an IoT solution in your Enterprise.

Your first IoT project

You have never made an IoT project, have you? Don't worry! We will help you choose the right tools, functionalities, and we will prepare an action plan. With our help, you are going to undergo an implementation process without any problems.

The quality of work is the key to success!

Proper research, setting goals, and implementation process along with analysis of the entered data are significant elements which contribute to IoT project success. We understand that and that is why we put special emphasis on accurate problem recognition and setting the right goals. This makes it much easier to built and optimise a tool which matches the needs of our clients. As we apply all the above mentioned elements meticulously, we guarantee efficiency and a high standard of our

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