_Industrial Internet of Things

Achieve successes and discover new data-driven opportunities
by connecting machines, employees, and processes.

_What is the Internet of Things?

In the era of digital transformation, industries are looking for new solutions to help them with monitoring products, analyzing data in real time, connecting not only machines but also employees and processes from different areas.

We can help you get started with an IoT project through pilot projects. It's a quick way to start a transformation in your organization and a step towards Industry 4.0.

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_Develop your potential with IIoT solutions

The best solution for accelerating digital transformation in your organization is to use proven tools and work with an experienced technology partner. This combination has several advantages:

Reduce time

Use proven IoT platforms for faster development of new applications, packaging and extending old data assets for new features.

Decrease number of errors

Working with an experienced technology partner helps to eliminate errors during the project. This is important because such errors can significantly affect the time of its implementation and quick delivery of the expected results.

Minimising costs

With IIoT solutions, you can use data from connected products and systems to increase productivity and efficiency while minimizing costs.

Maximise revenue

Experience new opportunities and generate profits by exploring new markets. Discover the business models that you can leverage with IIoT-based solutions.

_IIoT solutions

Asset Monitoring and Utilization
Connect and monitor multiple asset types.
Augmented Remote Assistance
Allows remote workers to immediately connect with remote experts.
Digital Shift Handover
Accurate capturing and transferring critical shift information.
Quality Management System And Statistical Process Control
One system, aggregating complex information from various sources.
Industrial Standardized Plant Benchmarking
Identifying and implementing operational best practices ensures top performance across plant lines, workforces, and sites.
Interactive Digital Work Instructions
Simplify access to more contextual information needed to optimize worker’s comprehension of how to perform the tasks.
Connected Work Cell
Empowers the manufacturing workforce with actionable, augmented information to improve productivity and quality, avoid safety and compliance risk.
Real-time Production Performance Monitoring
Customizable, real-time alerts are redefining predictive maintenance, collaborative communication, safety awareness, and enterprise integration.
Manufacturing Traceability
A full history of orders, instructions, parts, operators, and devices involved in each step of the manufacturing process for every final product.
Work Order Management
User-friendly interface to create, modify, prioritize, dispatch, and monitor the state of production orders.
Real-time Workforce Performance Monitoring
Service workforce communication will increasingly rely on augmented reality as an efficient, flexible workforce multiplier.

_IIoT products

Thingworx IIoT Platform
The ThingWorx platform is a complete, end-to-end technology platform designed for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Improving the tools and technologies that enable companies to rapidly develop and deploy advanced applications and versions of reality (AR).
Thingworx Kepware Server
Connectivity for Industrial Automation and the Internet of Things. The Key to Smart, connected operations and Smart, connected products.
Thingworx Foundation
Complete, end-to-end IoT technology platform that delivers the industry’s deepest functional capabilities, enabling IoT developers to develop, deploy and extend breakthrough, enterprise-ready IoT applications and augmented reality experiences. Open platform empowers enterprises to maximize existing technology investments.
Thingworx Navigate
Virtually all manufacturers grapple with controlling a disparate and disconnected environment of product lifecycle systems and processes.
Thingworx Analytics
Integrated capability of the ThingWorx platform that enables developers to quickly and easily add real-time pattern and anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and contextualized recommendations to the solutions they build.
Thingworx Flow
The Source and Orchestrate framework for the ThingWorx platform.
Factorytalk Innovation Suite
Provides the best of today’s IIoT, data analytics, AR and machine learning in one comprehensive solution. This comprehensive suite makes it easy for you to connect so you can improve operational insight across your business.
Factorytalk Production
Production is a scalable solution that helps manufacturers to balance these objectives with an automated method of managing orders in complex environments.
Factorytalk Quality
Supports your efforts to deliver a timely, quality product and to react quickly to quality issues. It also helps to minimize the number of applications you need because of its broad range of connectivity to data sources.

_New opportunities with IIoT

Product as a service

Improve customer experience and create new services that enhance your organization's offering. Increase your profits thanks to new opportunities from IIoT solutions and products.

Remote monitoring

Prevent downtime and react to emerging risks before they are defined. Ensure production continuity and minimize costs.

Digital instructions

Give your employees access to real-time data. Equip them with tools that will improve their work safety and productivity.

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