_How A.G.A. Analytical has improved the ticket processing in Jira Cloud?




  • Optimizing costs while maintaining quality of service
  • Extension of solutions
  • Migration to a new application




  • Migration to Atlassian Cloud
  • Reducing costs
  • Perfect service quality

A.G.A. Analytical

A.G.A. Analytical is a brand in business for more than 25 years. Having long experience and partnering with the best vendors, the company provides access to high-quality lab equipment and scientific research equipment and offers professional support for the selection and maintenance of the instruments.

For the best possible collaboration with its partners, A.G.A. Analytical addresses their needs by focusing heavily on the development of digital competencies and opportunities in its development strategy. Among the factors contributing to these objectives, was the decision to support processes using Atlassian’s tools and add-ons that enhance their potential.


The team of A.G.A. Analytical deals on a daily basis with dozens of inquiries, concerning a huge number of devices, hitting constantly from the company’s customers. The high quality of processing this high volume of inquiries can only be achieved with the right tools to keep track of them in an organized and accurate manner. The company used to have an add-on to the Jira Work Management system that had been implemented for quick connection of maintained equipment to maintenance tasks. Given the company’s interest in optimizing incurred costs while maintaining high quality of service and possible extension of the solution, they decided to make changes – finding a better add-on and migrating data to the new application became a must. The A.G.A. Analytical team contacted Transition Technologies PSC with this demand.

Challenges and business needs

  • Replacing the tool used so far with a new one that more adequately meets the needs of the company, while optimizing costs and ensuring a smooth transition between the two solutions, to avoid adversely affecting the user experience during migration.
  • Migrating all existing data to the new solution and reflecting existing correlations between tickets and other objects in the system.
  • Working across the Jira Cloud instance picked by the client to ensure the high standards of cloud solutions provided, while requiring a customized approach to migration and configuration from the TT PSC team.

TT PSC experts’ working process

The TT PSC team handled the project in accordance with the adopted standards for working with the client: from recognizing requirements and understanding the instance, to planning, testing and implementing the assigned tasks.

1. Instance analysis.
This effort was preceded by extensive background research, which provided TT PSC experts with detailed knowledge of the instance, (including processes, dependencies between tickets and objects), as well as a full understanding of the requirements and needs of the A.G.A. Analytical team.

2. Action plan and pre-migration tests.
The TT PSC team designed the structure of the new solution and, along with the partner, created a roadmap, and then proceeded with comprehensive testing, which allowed to identify potential problems during the migration, and to prearrange ways to counteract and fix the potential bugs. During the testing, the TT PSC team not only prepared for the actual data migration, but also found a way to customize the use of custom-created files in csv format, which made it possible to enhance security during the migration and streamline the entire process.

3. Proper migration, testing, support.
The final step was to execute the migration, validate and forward the instance to the client for final UAT testing. The TT PSC team also provided post-migration support, fixing minor bugs and implementing tweaks as requested by the A.G.A. Analytical team.


The migration handled by TT PSC experts was fully successful. The transfer of data, the mapping of functionalities and their extension using new tools, allowed to fully meet the needs of the A.G.A. Analytical team, and TT PSC’s team were able to further strengthen its expertise in asset management systems and data migration.

Applications used

What the environment looks like

screen01 AGA Analytical success story, transition technologies psc, atlassian platinum partner


screen02, AGA Analytical success story, transition technologies psc, atlassian platinum partner


screen 004, AGA Analytical success story, transition technologies psc, atlassian platinum partner


A.G.A Analitycal, customer quote about cooperation with Transition Technologies PSC, Success Story

Taking part in a project run with A.GA. Analytical helped us expand our know-how related to data migration, and gain a better understanding of the specifics of working in Cloud systems from the Atlassian fam.
Michał Wieczorek, Atlassian Specialist, Transition Technologies PSC

Working with clients is what pushes the TT PSC team to acquire new competencies and develop existing ones. Having carried out the project collaboratively with the team of A.G.A. Analytical, allowed us not only to expand our portfolio with another successful data migration, but also to evolve our know-how in asset management tools within the organization. Acquiring such precious experience opens the door to new challenges and further development.
Konrad Iwiński, Delivery Manager, Transition Technologies PSC

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