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Jira by Atlassian is software well-known all over the world; it is associated mainly with solutions for developer teams. The tool can be successfully used in managing project of different purpose. One of examples of unusual (at first glance) use of Jira environment is Customer Relationship Management.

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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management is a general term for IT tools which are used to manage all aspects of company-client relationship. Therefore, it’s not only about database, but also about all the necessary information, files and stages of planned or started cooperation. CRM system is the base of some department work, such as sales or customer service, they also often support marketing activities. Their task is to monitor particular stages of building relationship with a client as well as automation repetitive processes; CRM is to show i.a. who is handling a given topic, who they are contacting, what progress they’ve made, if the cooperation has been finalized or not and at what amount of money. This kind of tools should also gather data concerning client’s identification, determination of his needs and expectations, as well as it should also enable the analysis of the sales or/and marketing activities’ efficiency. CRM systems can be simple (however, they are poor in functionalities and less clear) or complex and customized to specific needs of the business or a particular company.


CRM system – what does it consist of?

Basic data which should be collected by every CRM system is obviously:

  • Client’s contact data.
  • Title and description of taken sales actions with singled product/service names which they refer to.
  • Status of activities.
  • Possibility of enclosing attachments with an offer or other information.
  • Full history of contact with a client.
  • Generating graphs and sales reports.
  • Browser; possibility of filtering data.
  • Reminders and notifications.

More advanced tools go beyond simple sales information collection and management, they make it possible to e.g.:

  • Enter detailed segmentation and categorization of clients/sales types or other parameters.
  • Use advanced analytical and forward-looking tools.
  • Create sales plans.
  • Manage different channels of communication with clients (e.g. phone calls, chats, forms, instant messages).
  • Running automated sales-marketing campaigns (email marketing, media monitoring, surveys and reactions).
  • Importing contacts/data from other sources.
  • Compatibility with other systems, supporting sales processes.
  • Generating invoices.
  • Access in mobile application.

 Jira as CRM

Jira is software which has ‘proven’ more than once its versatility, working well in different types of business and in various projects. As Atlassian’s Platinum Partner with over 10 years of experience, we know lots of examples and (seemingly) unusual  applications of this software. We use Jira for sales information management. Using our own example, we can present and guarantee that Jira works well as CRM.

Jira as CRM, Jira for sales department, Jira use case for sales

Are you working in Jira software? Are you looking for a solution of CRM type? You don’t have to invest in another tool!

 CRM in Jira:

  • Storing information on contacts/companies.
  • Following deals in progress.
  • Clear view with division into statuses, salesmen, sales types, and other parameters (any configuration thanks to Jira’s flexibility).
  • Full history of contact with clients.
  • View of sales plans.
  • Sales execution.
  • Analytical elements.
  • Creating/generating offers.
  • Elements of communication with clients.
  • Scalable solutions – expands along with needs.
  • Possibility of maintenance on servers or in cloud.
  • Possibility of using a mobile application.
  • Guarantee of advanced solutions -Atlassian are still improving their products.

You can trust us because:

  • We also use Jira software in CRM function.
  • We offer configuration which we have created by checking different extensions and possibilities – we have chosen the best one.
  • We are Atlassian’s Platinum Partner, with Enterprise status, which means that we’ve got a team of specialists and experience.
  • Jira is software which can be extended with additional functionalities so that a company could manage DIFFERENT projects in one environment – software gets expands with the size of a business.

 What is your company going to gain because of CRM system?

  • Organized, faster work of sales department.
  • Easy insight into sales activities.
  • Possibility of fast access to data and generating reports.
  • Effective predicting and planning of sales activities.

A good CRM system is currently the basis for effectiveness in companies which have got sales departments. If you need a solution which is at the same time: proven, created with the use of advanced technologies, scalable, contact us. We’ll show you how you can transfer, monitor and develop work involving contact with clients in Jira software. We’ll run a business analysis and workshop for employees or/and administrators – you will be able to count on our specialists’ help at anytime.

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CRM in Jira We offer:
  • Appropriate, proven set of applications which contributes to a consistent CRM system embedded in Jira.
  • Business analysis – exploration of additional, individual needs.
  • Complex cooperation over implementation.
  • Hosting on servers or in cloud.
  • Workshops for users and administrators.
  • Full support and software maintenance by certified administrators.
Contact us:
Marzena Maćkowska, Transtion Technologies PSC, Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner

Marzena Maćkowska

Customer Consultant for Business Solutions

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