Staffing timeline - planlæg dit arbejde i Confluence.

Planlægning af opgaver og deadlines

Confluence is software which makes it easier to collect information and share it with a team by creating pages with different content (depending on the needs). Staffing Timeline is an additional option in the list of macros (extensions, widgets), which enables creating clear time lines with work planned for particular users. This way, e.g. a project manager can assign tasks to the right people, estimate the time needed to perform the tasks and track progress. Setting restrictions and access can be used to limit visibility of a page to a defined group only. Staffing Timeline makes work planning easier, is intuitive and easy to use.

Staffing Timeline for Confluence

Staffing Timeline for Confluence

  • Creating line, where are: users, tasks which need to be performed, time estimation for the tasks to be done and comments which are short descriptions of a task.


    • Start and finish of a given task can be set by entering the right dates or using ”duration”, entering only the number of hours.
    • A user creating the schedule can choose an option ”soft booking” marking the task as initial, possible to change.
    • The extra has an option of entering key dates (stone miles) marked on the time line with the use of bold vertical line.
  • Staffing Timeline allows for switching between User view and Project view; switching between them, one can see if resources are properly located.

  • Administrator can plan days off ahead so that the extra could automatically display them on the time line and skip them while counting hours for tasks.

  • Owing to Drag & Drop functionality, the elements on the time line can be easily edited, e.g. one can expand the dates of a task or shift the task to a different user.

  • Tasks can be multiplied in order to create new ones faster.

  • A user can quickly get transferred to a chosen task, using an option ”Focus”.

  • Apart from the time line, the extra also displays a table with tasks, users and dates schedules as well as the history of changes introduced on the page.

Staffing Timeline er:

  • Better work organization.
  • Easier project management.
  • Transparent task and date view.
  • Easy and important functionalities for teams.
staffing timeline screen

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Confluence is the second in terms of popularity tool by Atlassian. The software enables storing and creating necessary documents as well as content of different type in a place, where everyone in a company has access to. Confluence functionalities are enriched with additions which make the software even more practical and able to meet varied business needs.

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