25 May 2021
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IT staff augmentation - flexible way of scaling the IT team

The current coronavirus pandemic is a catalyst for change, both in everyday life and in the economic and business spheres. The need for isolation has forced many companies to take up the challenge and redesign their work organization. It is very important now to be able to adapt to new conditions. The fact that more companies have become familiar with the specifics of remote working has strengthened an important trend in the IT world. According to the 2020 Global Managed Services Report, nearly half (45%) of the world’s companies intend to outsource more of their business processes to their contractors due to pandemic changes. Technology needs are constantly growing, and with them the popularity of IT staff augmentation.

What is IT staff augmentation?

The simplest definition of this cooperation model is based on expanding an existing team with additional, remotely working developers. Entrepreneurs who were skeptical about remote working are re-evaluating their beliefs. The sharing economy is gaining more and more allies because of the possibility to react quickly and flexibly. The vision of expanding the team with a specialist or several specialists who speak a particular programming language appeals to a growing number of employers. It is important that the cooperation may be temporary and concern only one project. Outsourcing is a proven way to deliver a high-quality product according to a schedule. There are also specific business benefits behind this solution.

IT staff augmentation effective way to work - TT PSC


Support in delivering the project on time

The approaching deadline is a nightmare for many managers. There is a lot at stake; delivering on time and reliability are the foundations of a trustworthy brand. Anyone familiar with the nature of the IT industry knows that projects are diverse and often require different efforts. If your team is doing its best to complete the task on time but the finish is far away, you should look for solutions. Sometimes even the most competent, experienced developers who know how to develop a product need support to complete the project on time. This is one of the exemplary situations, when the most beneficial solution turns out to be the IT staff augmentation.

How it looks like in practice

First of all, this type of cooperation is valued by proponents of flexible solutions who look at the project from the business perspective. A developer hired for a particular task brings his skills, experience and time to the team. Moreover, the company is not obliged to maintain another specialist. Let’s assume that at the moment you need support from an additional JAVA programmer. You need to start working with a client quickly, however recruiting a new employee is costly and time-consuming. You also realize that after completing a project you cannot guarantee the continuity of work.  In this situation, you don’t have to choose the lesser evil. Outsourcing will ensure support your team with the work of a highly qualified expert. This person will start working without a lengthy induction into their duties and onboarding process.

“IT staff augmentation increases the potential of your team. An additional specialist is support in completing daily tasks and meeting deadlines. The presence of this person allows to increasing productivity when new and challenging business opportunities arise.”

Grzegorz Głąb, Delivery Manager TT PSC

More benefits for business

Secondly External specialists are fresh blood in the team – they bring knowledge and a new perspective on the ongoing project. Such cooperation is an opportunity to gain important information about security rules, good practices required in a particular technological area or country. Such an input of specialist knowledge and increase in productivity is a real opportunity for development and conquering new markets. Cooperation with external specialists brings a number of benefits that are attractive from a business perspective. Research published in 2020 on the Harvard Business Review found that “as many as 63% of businesses prefer to outsource selected solutions rather than have development by their own IT team, explaining this in terms of business needs and goals”. So what are the benefits of outsourcing developers?

Benefits for business:

  • Flexible cooperation time
  • Increased production capacity
  • Cost optimization regarding recruitment and search for the right candidate
  • Flexible scaling of cooperation
  • Ability to quickly support the team with the required competencies, knowledge, and experience

Cost optimisation

Moreover, every business is run for profit, so financial issues are often the deciding factor. Those who are focused on costs will be interested in the relationship between IT staff augmentation and cost optimization. This solution will primarily benefit the project budget, which can be managed based on transparent models of settling project work. It is worth to mention that while employing an external developer, you do not have to worry about expenses which are usually dedicated to:

  • office space
  • organizing the workplace for the new member(s) of the team
  • tools, equipment and necessary licenses for work
  • recruitment and job search.
    All these costs are included in the contract fee with your business IT partner. This takes away any problems associated with work and space organization. Allowing you to concentrate fully on your project.

IT staff augmentation - how to improve model of cooperation - TT PSC

Flexible scaling of cooperation

Outsourcing software developers allows you to flexibly increase and decrease the size of your team. At times of increased workload, you can augment your team with the appropriate specialist(s) to distribute the amount of work. An external developer is often an added value to your team. He or she has experience in similar projects and can offer you previously unknown solutions. It is a person who will help you solve problems efficiently and avoid potential errors in your code. By working with TT PSC, you gain access to over 2000 IT specialists’ knowledge. This gives you the opportunity to strengthen your team with missing competencies or support its production capabilities. Access to an extensive expert database offers you a choice of experts in many technologies: from Java Developers to Cloud specialists.


This is one of the main elements that make people afraid of the decision to outsource. In addition when the project is confidential and requires strict security rules. Therefore, there are procedures that guarantee its highest level.  Security strategy assumes an appropriate adjustment of technological systems and the creation of a special infrastructure .The most important is the high competence of the outsourcing partner, who prioritizes information security. The latter is evidenced by specific documents that regulate the cooperation. It’s a guarantee that information and technology will not get out of the team. And above all the company is provided by the outsourcing contract, which includes an NDA. This is a binding document – it has the same value as an employment contract with a full-time employee. Moreover, it obliges the business partner’s specialists to maintain full confidentiality. Another confirmation of reliability are security certificates, which the business partner should have.

IT staff augmentation - new specialists in your team TT PSC

Quality and security of cooperation with us

At TT PSC, high security standards are confirmed by ISO/IEC 27001 ISMS. We follow the requirements of the Information Security Policy and the Safe Work Policy and ensure that they are respected by all our employees. As a responsible business partner, we vouch for our specialists, who are verified before starting cooperation. We are proud of our competence confirmed by the Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) certificate. The skills not only allow us to conduct security audits but also set the standard for our work. You can find out more about our standards here.

IT staff augmentation security - TT PSC

IT outsourcing ranking

According to Executive Brief. Outsourcing 2020, a report prepared by 7N, Poland is in 10th place in the global ranking of countries for IT outsourcing. The research was conducted among Western European companies. What is interesting – Poland’s lower position in relation to neighbouring countries results from a higher level of development of the domestic IT market. The more desirable qualified IT specialists are, the harder it is to reach them. Because of the competitive market, Western European managers decide to work with a reliable technology partner. The knowledge of the local IT market is an important determinant and influences the choice of partner. Therefore an important trend is nearshoring – looking for subcontractors abroad, but in the nearest region. European investors often choose this model of cooperation with specialists from Poland, which was shown in the ranking.

Why us

Above all we meet our partners’ needs and offer IT staff augmentation, both in the form of nearshoring and offshoring. Such models of cooperation are becoming increasingly important in the IT industry, as reflected in the reports mentioned above. These trends have been exacerbated by the current pandemic, which is accelerating digital transformation in many organizations around the world. In such circumstancies, it’s easy to get overtaken by the competition but with a considered strategy and the means to implement it, you can gain an edge. Be the entrepreneur who is notcaught off guard. If you see a need related to the IT industry, act immediately and decide to cooperate with an experienced business partner. We not only offer outsourcing of the developers, we can ensure an entire IT team to complete your project. You can also outsource the entire process to us. Contact us and start optimizing costs, scaling your team and realizing new business goals based on outsourcing – .

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