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Protect against unexpected circumstances and be sure that your systems are always available, even in case of natural disasters.

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You can sleep well knowing that your business is prepared even for worst-case scenarios. No matter the reason of unavailability you can be sure that systems which are critical for your business will be quickly and effectively restored to full operational efficiency.


Even in the event of natural disasters you know that you’re ready to face them. The pre-defined procedures, preceded by a thorough analysis of your needs and identification of vulnerabilities, guarantee that when a crisis occurs, everyone knows what to do.


Not all components of your infrastructure are critical, therefore, not all need to be replicated in your Disaster Recovery plan. Thanks to a detailed analysis carried out by our experts, the readiness for retrieval which you pay for covers only those systems without which your business could not operate and bring profit.

Business continuity

Even a short period of unavailability of IT systems which are your source of revenue may cause significant losses. Appropriate policies and predefined procedures reduce time needed for restoring your infrastructure from days to minutes.


Creating policies and procedures which business continuity will depend on is a very responsible task. It is important to assign it to people with necessary expertise and experience. In the face of a crisis, only tested experts won’t lose their nerve, taking action quickly.

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