We implement projects in areas

  • Data science in industry

    Industry 4.0 has become a fact! Optimize industrial processes, foresee malfunctions, automize processes, using artificial intelligence.

  • Data science in energetics

    We offer specialized products dedicated to electricity market, which allows us to satisfy the needs of its every participant.

  • Data science in medicine

    Our company develops software for healthcare units, which supports calculations, analysis and formulation of medical data statistics used to monitor treatment quality.

  • Data science in heat engineering

    We offer software for malfunction prediction, demand forecast and heat distribution as well as optimization of a generation process.

  • Data science in gas supply

    GasLux appears to be an invaluable product for underground gas storage management. It is an integrator of 8 modules which perform tasks in this field.

Our projects

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    Data analysis
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    Forecasting and classification models
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    Cloud computing
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    Implementation of devised models and solutions
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    User-friendly application
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    Dedicated systems with Graphical User Interface (GUI)
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  • logo java
  • logo python
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Work stages
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    01 Specifying the problem

    We start with a meeting. Our specialists are data analysts, programmers and machine learning specialists who will identify clients' needs.

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    02 Innovation workshops

    We will organize cooperative workshops to find a better solution to the client's problem – need.

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    03 Data access

    Once we get to know the data specification, we can start processing it, looking for patterns and identifying abnormal behaviour.

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    04 Identification tests

    Sometimes it is required to perform identification tests which do not affect economical results of the unit. We have performed dozens of identification experiments of huge full- scale plants.

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    05 Computing engines

    We create statistics models, machine learning or time series analysis. Moreover, we build forecast, regressive, grouping or classification models.

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    06 Components integration

    We integrate and test modules (including a forecasting module, a system module and an optimizer).

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    07 System implementation

    We implement fully effective application of a user-friendly type, which makes it easier to use the power of analytics to the full. To our company, these are not only figures, but also the whole environment connected to the system which they serve.

Companies that trusted us

We provided Data Science solutions for companies

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  • logo Tauron
  • logo Raiffeisen BANK
  • logo PGE
  • logo Fujitsu
  • logo asseco
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