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Advanced data analytics uses the right methods, processes, algorithms, and systems to extract further structured and unstructured information so your organization can predict and optimize business outcomes. Individual customer needs are at the heart of our services, so we help you choose the right technology or data-related business solutions.

Data Science Services TT PSC

What we do?

Big Data Services

  • Big Data, Data Lake and Data Warehouse architecture design and deployment.
  • Data Warehouses streamlining and upgrade towards Data Science requirements.
  • Open Source environments implementation and maintenance, including Hadoop and Apache.
  • Set-ups for batch and online processing large amounts of data.
  • MPP-class analytical data engines implementation.
  • Data visualization and reporting tools implementation.
  • We provide implementation of data visualization and reporting environments.

AI services

  • We analyze the current state and develop a roadmap to effectively implement AI in your organization.
  • We use the latest Artificial Intelligence algorithms to help you effectively solve your business problems and stay ahead of the competition.
  • We create Deep Learning and Machine Learning models and implement comprehensive solutions tailored to individual customer needs.
  • We implement end-to-end Enterpise ML environments with built-in mechanisms for running, monitoring, and evaluating the performance of ML models.

Cloud services

  • Cloud platform architecture design and deployment.
  • Cloud strategy development and migrating solutions to the cloud.
  • Recognized and reliable Hadoop cloud services to gather, process, analyze and compute data.
  • CI/CD deployment in the cloud to automate the work and cooperation in your teams.

Outsourcing Data Science services

In a need for the qualified Data Science team?
Build essential proficiency by leasing our experienced specialists:

  • Data Engineers, Data Architects, Cloud Architects
  • Data Science Specialists, Machine Learning Experts
  • SAS, SPSS Data Analysts, BI Specialists
  • Business Analysts, Project Managers, Scrum Masters
  • Developers: JAVA, Python, SQL, PHP, node.js and others

For our entire range of outsourced software developers and Software Development Services, click here.

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24/7 support

Our clients receive professional support in maintaining, monitoring and administering systems 24/7.
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Complete Hadoop Ecosystem

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Advanced Analytics Environment

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Advanced Analytics Environment

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Visual Analytics Environment

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Analytical MPP Engine

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Hybrid Cloud Kubernetes Platform

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Modern Orchiestration Tool

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Large Scale Data Process & Distribute

Do you need a free consultation? Contact one of our global representatives

North America

Nate Taylor TT PSC

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales

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Andreas Kratz TT PSC

Andreas Kratz

Business Development Manager

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Candy Chao TT PSC

Candy Chao

Head of TTPSC Asia

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Mohamed Ennassiri TT PSC

Mohamed Ennassiri

Business Development Manager

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Daniel Chwaszczewski TT PSC

Daniel Chwaszczewski

Cloud Services Manager

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We mastered the following technological competences

Analytical tools:

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Machine and Deep Learning frameworks:

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Data storage:

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Data flow and operationalization:

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Containerization, virtualization and cloud solutions:

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