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Customer service software in compliance with ITIL

ITIL is a set of best practices concerning information system management. Jira Service Desk is software which complies with ITIL guidelines treated equally with the best quality of software functioning.


Atlassian, as a global producer of tools for improving performance, cares for quality of its products. Investing in Jira software, you can be sure that you’re providing your employees with modern, but at the same time well-proven and reliable solution.

Jira Service Desk – efficient communication between clients and consultants

  • Huge base of customer service patterns.
  • Simple, intuitive „Customer Portal”.
  • Inbuilt e-mail service.
  • Automation mechanisms making customer service easier.
  • Suggested answers displayed while creating an issue by the client.
  • CSAT surveys (checking customer satisfaction).
  • Issue queuing – fulfilling SLA agreements.
  • Friendly interface.
  • Intuitive service.
  • Possibility of integration with other Atlassian software.
jira service desk, what is jia service desk

Platform with plenty of capabilities

Jira Service Desk is a tool which can be expanded with another modules and functionalities to provide clients and administrators with complex solutions which work in different situations. Combining Jira Service Desk software with Confluence, we can create a knowledge base where our clients can find answers to their questions, manuals or other necessary documents and information. This way, the number of issues sent to service consultants decreases. Furthermore, integration of helpdesk functionalities with a scope of Jira Software solutions, allows for fluent communication between service workers and developers – that is how we create one, consistent platform, which makes it possible for specialists to communicate, consult each other and react faster to reported issues.

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    Helpdesk enriched with knowledge and document base
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    Platform for service workers' and consultants' cooperation
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    Limitless possibilities of configuring software according to company's needs!

Shorten customer service time improving your helpdesk quality

jira service desk, helpdesk for companies

Implementation, training for employees and maintenance – leave it with us!

Transferring work into new environment is a complicated process which demands proper preparation of technological background. We deal with everything which is connected to choosing the right solutions for companies and implementing them. We start with consultation and business analysis, closely cooperating with clients.

Next, we prepare and discuss suggested solutions, and then we implement them in the company. If there is such a need, we run workshops and trainings for future users of the software. We supervise software functioning and we are in constant touch with client in case of any questions or needs.