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Certified experts' assistance

“Implementation” is more than installation and software upgrade. TTPSC Atlassian team uses the name to describe full assistance over the implemented solutions. Introduction of company’s practices into new environment requires proper preparation not only on the employees’ part, but also on the part of equipment and the solutions themselves – we configure tools in compliance with processes which take place in our client’s company, keeping up with the best IT practice (ITIL). Thus, implementation consists of a few basic stages, which can last short or can be extended in time, depending on the needs.


TT PSC Atlassian has experience both in working with short-term and complex projects.

Preparation, action, maintenance and support

Jira software and other Atlassian’s products implementation in a company needs expertise in different areas – we have it, so you don’t have to worry. Our department comprises experts of particular fields which makes it possible for us to offer a full range of services necessary for proper installation, configuration and maintenance of solutions.


Owing to experience and expertise, our experts team have received certificates confirming knowledge of Atlassian’s products.

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Implementation step by step



We don’t want anybody to buy sight unseen. We consult and discuss clients’ needs, prepare an offer based on a prior analysis. We check, ask, offer and, finally, agree.

  1. Consultation – initial discussion about needs and requirements.
  2. Business analysis – close cooperation with a client; modeling business processes of a company.
  3. Preparing an offer – offer for tools and extras which will meet client’s expectation.


After agreeing upon what needs to be done, we move on to a technical part of work and execute all the points listed in an agreement. We work according to the plan, reliably fulfilling our responsibilities. We are in constant touch with our client. What we do, depends on client’s needs. It can be:

  1. Installing Atlassian software.
  2. Upgrading Jira software or any other Atlassian’s product.
  3. Migrating data which means transferring software between servers.
  4. Configuring processes basing on the best ITIL practice.
  5. Customizing software functionalities and tools according to the needs.
  6. Development which means dedicated applications, created on client’s demand.


We make sure that implemented solutions worked right. Our client can decide to install tools on our servers, or use Cloud solutions.

  1. Maintenance of software in a continuous and reliable work (high SLA).
  2. Hosting of application on TT PSC Atlassian’s servers or in AWS Cloud.


We supervise implemented tools’ work. We know that contact with clients is crucial for our successful cooperation. Clients have us at their constant disposal in case of questions, doubts or problems that appear. We organize professional trainings and workshops at Jira and Confluence software service. We also provide pre- and post-implementation services.

  1. Trainings and workshops for Jira and Confluence administrators and end-users.
  2. Individual service assistance of our expert.
  3. Post-implementation support which means ongoing software supervision, problem diagnostics, administration, IT solutions and content-related support.
  4. Consultations and recommendations concerning used tools and development of environment with another functionalities/processes.
  5. Tips and advice regarding extras from Atlassian Marketplace.
  6. Constant contact in a form of phone conversations, emails, meetings with clients.

We opt for friendly relationships.
We offer a flexible system of clearing the support hours.

Use our service if:

  • Your company already works or you would like it to work in Atlassian environment.
  • Basic support of Atlassian company is not enough for you.
  • You expect immediate reaction to a reported issue.
  • You need Polish specialists’ support and service.
  • The company you have been cooperating with so far has disappointed you.
  • You want to cooperate with experienced and well-qualified specialists.
  • You need a possibility to consult development or modification of tools which your company uses.
  • You don’t want to hire a Jira or Confluence software administrator in your organization.

We maintain trial instances and always check if the introduced changes can have any influence on the work of the whole system. Cooperation with us will give you feeling of security and you will be sure that we will react immediately to any issues. You will find out that we have friendly relationships with our clients.

You can rely on us!

Don’t let yourself be fooled. Check our qualifications, see our references from clients and meet our team. Read more about implementations which we have gone through and sets of tools, which have been proven to work in particular situations. We also encourage you to check out our original extras which TT PSC Atlassian’s developers’ team work on, on a daily basis – you can try them out for free!


We have everything you need.

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If you are using Jira, other Atlassian systems or apps from Atlassian Marketplace in Server version:


From 15.02.2022 the producer is no longer developing it's Server tools and you are not able to upgrade/downgrade Server licenses.