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We respond to the expectations of professional project management practices in business environments, offering a complete PMO solution implementation, within the Atlassian tools environment.

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The best practices for your business

PMO is one of many solutions offered by us, with which we aim to assist You with setting up a perfect management office in Your company. Thanks to the PMO tools, you obtain standardization and possibility to develop the best practices in your organization. Implementation of the system, gives an opportunity to automate repetitive tasks. It also provides proper level of communication within a team, control of projects’ implementation at each stage of it and clear reporting.

PMO tool allows you to answer the most crucial questions in the blink of an eye:

  • Who is working on what?
  • Are projects implemented within boundaries of estimated time frame?
  • Do we have sufficient resources to carry out the designated projects?
  • Is a company’s approach toward development suitable?
  • What can we improve?

Project portfolio management allows for:

  • Working in both Waterfall and Agile methodologies.
  • Working with SAFe.
  • Visualization of a project’s agenda.
  • Mapping of project stages on the Gantt’s chart.
  • Setting up goals and objectives.
  • Defining and following project risks.
  • Tracking deviations from the original plan.
  • Highlighting a critical path.
  • Assigning project roles.
  • Assigning teams and team members to specific tasks.
  • Planning human resources within the team,organization and project.
  • Limiting access to editing and viewing project data.
  • Reporting project’s parameters.
  • Bring a big picture view.

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We aim not only to present how the tools work, but above all – to find a solution that uses the applications’ capabilities in a  way that best meets the requirements of companies and brings the highest value. The TT PSC Atlassian Team sticks to the principle of a comprehensive approach to a client and thorough preparation, to create an attractive offer. Based on our experience we divide the PMO implementation process into three basic steps:

  1. Preparation: gathering important information about the as-is state via a workshop with a client.
  2. Training: we train the client’s staff to level the knowledge and inspire first ideas.
  3. Realization: together with the project team on client’s side we search for the best configuration of the tools.
  4. Post-implementation support
Exemplary Atlassian TT PSC offer includes:
  • Stage 1
    Training and preparation for implementation
    Total duration

    5 working days


    Learning the as-is state of the processes and tools. Discovering the requirements of stakeholders. Extensive training with Atlassian applications (offered tools) and preparation for implementation in the form of workshops with a client. Development of an implementation plan customized to the needs of a company, taking into account procedures, processes and information flow . Practise run – together with a client, we create the first project with a proper structure of tasks, dependencies and assignments.

  • Stage 2
    Support during first weeks of work with the new system
    Total duration

    5 business days of remote customer support.


    Allows for stress-free implementation of more projects and fine-tuning the solution in real-life environment. Our specialists supervise work and help when any question about the system appear. 5 days of remote support can be used at any time within a period of 4 weeks after the implementation. We support clients in terms of used tools and implementation of new scenarios that had not been presented during workshops. Guaranteed response is set according to our Service Level Agreement (SLA), to be provided within 1 business day.

  • Stage 3
    Post - implementation support
    Total duration

    5 business days


    Remote support in the longer term is provided up to 3 months since the end of stage 2. The scope of support is exactly the same as in stage 2, however guaranteed response time is extended up to 3 days.

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Support offered at any stage!


  • Analysis of business and functional requirements
  • Selection of proper tool(s)
  • Internal processes mapping
  • Tests
  • Implementation
  • Training
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Agata Banach, Customer Consultant, Transition Technologies PSC

Agata Banach

Customer Consultant for Business Solutions

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