Email Task for Jira – send messages quickly with Jira.

Sending emails with Jira

Email Task allows for sending chosen information from tasks created in Jira software via email – no need to open an additional window of an email program, make print screens or copy the content. The addition makes communication easier within a company, between the company and a client. Messages are sent after creating a template – a user defines what values should be included. This way, they control all the sent information. Every email is saved in the history.

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Easier and faster communication

Email Task for Jira means simple but at the same time really useful functionalities which improve information flow within a company and beyond it. This extra allows for:

  • Automation of email notifications after changing a task status

    (postfunction options available from software administrators).

  • Creating email messages from any task in Jira.

  • Creating and individual configuration of email templates.


    • Template’s look defined by a user-friendly HTML editor.
    • Defining default recipients while entering: email address, software user name, or choosing a group of software users (e.g.administrators).
    • Embedding chosen values from Jira task in the content (e.g.project date, description).
    • Setting default templates for chosen ”issue types” – if a user has a lot of templates for the same types of tasks, they can choose a default (superior) one for each of them.
  • “Manual” message sending without any templates or with the use of a pattern created before.

  • The view of a history of sent messages.
    The history of email messages sent from the task can be viewed in each of them as well as the responses received in the thread.

Email Task for Jira, email from jira, email app for jira

Why Email Task for Jira?

  • Emails sent from Jira software can be received only by the ecosystem users – Email Task enables sending messages with any topic; not only within the software.
  • Emails sent directly from Jira software contain data which companies usually do not want or cannot send outside – Email Task enables defining which information should be included in the message, the user configures a template according to the company’s policy and individual needs.
  • Sending an email from Jira level is not registered in any way – Email Task has a history of emails sent from a given ticket.
  • Jira generates messages of a quiet stark look – Email Task has a friendly editor which allows to give messages an esthetic look. Before sending a message, you can preview it.

Email Task for Jira by TT PSC Atlassian

Email Task allows for quick sharing of information included in Jira software. Users can easily send information from tasks and Jira issues in emails. Because of a possibility of creating templates, the users can define themselves not only a group of recipients, but also particular elements from a task (Jira task) which should be transferred to the message. Before sending a message, it is possible to preview the email to make sure that the message contains all the necessary information.

Limitless possibilities

Extras created by TTPSC Atlassian expand capabilities of Jira software with another functionalities and make it possible to configure the system according to clients’ requirements. Because of that, the software meets even the most specific needs. Apart from the applications available in Atlassian Marketplace, we offer the service of development, which is creating customized extensions for Atlassian tools.

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