Excel Connector for Jira (app) – Send issues from and to Excel.

The comfort of use

A decision concerning transferring work environment to a new software is connected not only with technical preparation, but also with convincing employees to do it. Some people are used to working with Excel spreadsheets or needs sheets which are the clearest in this program.  Excel Connector for Jira is a solution which makes it possible to transfer to Atlassian ecosystem with a possibility of communicating projects and tasks created in Jira software with Excel program.

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Freedom of work

The application makes it possible for a logged in user of Jira to display in Excel values entered to the software before, and the other way round – edit or create tasks in Excel and send it to Jira.  One of the methods is exporting a file (a chosen project) from Jira to Excel, another one- using a filter saved in Jira or JQL functionality (search) and sending results of the inquiry to the spreadsheet. Because of that, a user can work with data using fully advanced Excel’s functions. What is important, the user is NOT limited only to exporting from Jira those tasks, which they have entered themselves – they can also use all the issues that they have access to. The application also allows for creating new tasks from the  level of Excel and sending upgrade to Jira software.

In short, Excel Connector allows for:

  • Exporting tasks from Jira software to Excel spreadsheet.

  • Updating data Jira-Excel:


    • Excel spreadsheet with imported data from Jira is connected to the software; when a Jira user changes anything in a system, after refreshing the Excel spreadsheet, the loaded values are updated.
    • It also works the other way round: a user who works with data in a spreadsheet can send an update to Jira software after introducing any changes.

Excel Connector for Jira

  • For people who like working with Excel spreadsheets.
  • Works well i.a. in financial institutions, bureaus, large corporations.
  • Guaranteed support and notifications of upgrade.

Extensions for Jira software (Software, Core, Service Desk) by TT PSC Atlassian:

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