Vacation Manager for Jira – manage vacation in Jira.

Vacation management in a company

Vacation Manager extends Jira with an important functionality for every company – vacation management. The extra has proper options for three types of users: HR department, employees and superiors. Every person from a particular group has a different view and options which are appropriate for the role which they take in the process of vacation applications management. Vacation Manager is popular because of being easy to use and due to practical possibilities it offers.

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Facilitation for employees

The most important functionalities of Vacation Manager for Jira for users:
  • Submitting a holiday request and choosing its type: annual leave, sick leave, special leave.
  • Possibility of entering the number of days or hours off.
  • Possibility of adding attachments (e.g. doctor’s leave).
  • Assigning a superior who can approve or dismiss the request.
  • Assigning a person for substitution.
  • Clear holiday history and personal statistics.
  • Data privacy – requests can be seen only by a person sending the request, the assigned superior and an HR employee.

Vacation Manager makes it possible to send hourly requests.

  • Do you need a few hours off?
  • Do you want to leave work earlier?

You don’t need to lose full 8 hours of your vacation!

Convenience for superiors

Additional options for superiors:

Users functionalities + Supervisor Menu:

  • Email notification of requests waiting for approval, and highlighting the number of requests awaiting in Jira.
  • Possibility of adding comments to every request.
  • Four decision options: accept, dismiss, request for more information, cancel a request which has already been accepted.

Facilitation for HR departments:

All crucial information in one place:

Users functionalities + HR Menu:

  • Clear holiday request list.
  • Statistics concerning holiday requests of the whole organization.
  • Clear information.

Additional facilitation

The information concerning incoming vacation is highlighted under the miniature of a user the moment somebody wants to assign the person to a new task – because of that, the project manager knows which people are going to be absent in the nearest future. The notification of the days off also shows up in a superior’s view – the employer does not have to look at a separate tab to remember who is absent and when they come back.

Measurable advantages

Vacation management, especially in corporations, is a complex process which demands an organized way of keeping records. Vacation Manger for Jira makes it easier and faster to do any activities and at the same time, it helps monitor and organize data. If you work in Jira software, you don’t have to look for different tools. It’s just enough to add our application to the software. That’s the end of manually filled requests, collecting signatures and piles of documents.


  • Time-saving.
  • Limiting printed documents.
  • Clear information in one place
  • Data security.

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