15 February 2018

Spare parts assembly instructions powered by Augmented Reality – together we change sales process in automotive domain

When you’re working in a line of business where precision, tolerance and durability are the three main characteristics defining the success of your products; it is a matter of survival for your company to collect, analyze and use your data to improve the products and making sure that your customers have the right information at hand when needed.

Augmented Reality

This was the case for one of our international customers involved in the production of high-quality spare parts for the automotive industry. They asked us in TTPSC to make a proof of concept for an AR application that presents 3D models of their spare parts along with additional information, documentation, manuals and animations, which step-by-step demonstrates the assemble and dissemble processes.

Augmented Reality

The application is working on various devices (e.g. Android phones, Microsoft Surface) and due to the IoT platform (ThingWorx) communicating with the PLM system (Windchill) to improve the data analyses and helping our customer and the end-user in their quest for developing future improved solutions.

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