24 January 2018
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27 000 work hours on PLM projects for the aviation industry tycoon

After four year of contract, Transition Technologies PSC just finished realization of five different projects for huge Brazilian aviation concern.


Many hours of hard working…

During all of this time our specialist have pended almost 27 000 working hours on the best solutions in PLM, including applications like: PTC Windchill and PTC Integrity Lifecycle Manager. We have adapted it to the all customer’s needs.


Our cooperation with huge Brazilian aviation concern was a great success. Transition Technologies PSC was involved on every work stage, since development and system building, to implementation, data migration and testing. This project gives us a great chance to get a lot of experience, which is a very important in work with customer like this one.


Projects like this one for aviation industry making us better and better. That’s how, we build our strong position as a real leader on the Polish market on the PLM area.


Integrity windchill

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