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Data Science TT PSC

In our Data Science efforts, we use Big Data, machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud solutions to help clients who work with large data sets on a daily basis and want to monetize them.

What solutions can we offer?

Demand forecasting

By using machine learning you can accurately predict product demand and optimize your stock and delivery.

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Recommendation engines

Based on past buying behavior, you can identify, recommend and bundle the products that customers are most likely to buy.

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Payment fraud detection

Combine advanced analytics with machine learning methods to monitor, track and prevent fraud in your organization.

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Predicting and preventing churn

Apply AI technology to identify and effectively retain customers who are likely to churn.

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Promotion optimization deal

With the machine learning models, you will be able to adjust the prices, content, duration or availability of your promotion to obtain the optimal results for a given strategy.

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Investory optimization

Artificial Intelligence will maintain your stock at the minimum required level to minimize the costs, yet to be able to react quickly to market dynamics.

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Delivery optimization

Machine learning enables real-time management of delivery process based on consumer expectations and behavior.

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Productive maintenance

You can predict potential failures in production processes and the equipment itself. Fast response to problems will save time, resources and money in your organization.

Do you need a free consultation? Contact one of our global representatives

North America

Nate Taylor TT PSC

Nate Taylor

Director of Sales

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Andreas Kratz TT PSC

Andreas Kratz

Business Development Manager

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Candy Chao TT PSC

Candy Chao

Head of TTPSC Asia

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Mohamed Ennassiri TT PSC

Mohamed Ennassiri

Business Development Manager

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Daniel Chwaszczewski TT PSC

Daniel Chwaszczewski

Cloud Services Manager

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Within Data Science we specialize in

Data Engineering

Processing data

  • Data Warehouse
  • Analytical Environment
  • Big Data (Big Lake)
  • Online (Real Time)
  • Cloud

Data Science

Monetizing data

  • Data Mining
  • AI & ML
  • Visual Analytics


  • Acquire the complete Data Science environment: Big Data + Cloud + AI + Visual Analytics designed and implemented specifically to the needs of your organization.
  • Obtain the in-depth analysis of the actual environment and Big Data processes followed by pricise guidance through the Machine Learning implementation.
  • Apply the latest Machine Learning technics that bring savings and increase revenue, while optimizing resources management.
  • Quickly build Data Science competences in your organization with highly experienced experts whom we provide.
  • Make Big Data Analytics a routine step of daily operations and unlock the full potential of data to stop drifting and become the Data and AI Driven Company.

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