Crucible by Atlassian – manage software, review code

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Tool of code review type

Crucible by Atlassian is a tool of ”code review” type which makes it possible for people responsible for a code quality to check its particular parts, suggest changes and cooperate with developers in improving it. Owing to Crucible, reviewing a code along with its different versions is easy, fast and clear. The application allows assigning users to particular elements, commenting and following changes introduced by other people, in real time. The integration with Jira Software and other Atlassian applications makes it easier to manage the whole cycle of software development.

Crucible cooperates with repositories:
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  • logo mercurial
  • logo perforce
  • logo subversion
  • logo cvs

Crucible – reviewing and correcting a code

  • Assigning users to task of code review type.
  • Commenting on particular code bars.
  • Pre-commit reviews – reviewing code before approving.
  • Charts, statistics, reports.
  • Marking people in statements.
  • Notifications about activities.
  • Access to changelogs including code checking history.
  • Full integration with other Atlassian tools, i.a. Jira Software, Fisheye.
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Crucible + Jira Software + Fisheye = full control over a developed application

Teamwork is efficient only when the members cooperate with each other. Code review is an activity which reduces the number of errors and improves the quality of an application. Fresh look of a colleague can bring new, better solutions to the particular problem. Owing to mutual control of particular code parts, it is possible to release a fully developed product. Crucible is a tool which makes checking code bars easier and allows for dynamic discussion and error following in real time. Fisheye, on the other hand, is an application which accelerates the process of error detection in a code, highlighting its part so that everything is more visible. Owing to integration with Jira Software, it becomes possible to manage a project entirely, assign tasks, enter another issues and threads to solve

Manage developers projects Jira + other Atlassian tools


DevOps solution for business

More and more developer companies work according to DevOps model, combining developer teams with the operator ones. We are entering the era of cooperation and we opt for clear communication, which enables fast error detection and their immediate elimination. It also improves relations and accelerates projects causing improvement in their quality. Are you wondering if your company is ready for DevOps? Start implementing the model in small steps. We offer tools which have been designed for teamwork. We choose them according to client’s needs.

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