The Scheduler Jira app by TT PSC. Plugin for planning future tickets.

Time saving

The Scheduler is a plugin for Jira software which makes project management easier and faster. The application makes it possible to create a template (Scheduled Issue) because of which repetitive tasks are created automatically with frequency determined by the user. This extra cooperates with Jira software both in server and cloud version as well as Data Center.

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You need The Scheduler, if:

  • It is necessary to do the same things repetitively at your work.
  • It is important for you to run projects in an organized way.
  • You want to plan tasks ahead.
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Even more effective task management

Owing to The Scheduler, project management (Jira tickets) consisting of particular issues and tasks gets easier. The main functionality of the app is automation of creating repetitive tasks. A user creates templates (Scheduled Issue) out of tasks which are to repeat in cycles. This way, the created Scheduled Issues appear in system at a particular time, for example with frequency of every 2 weeks – it can be also evoked manually on a chosen day.

The application makes it possible to view created templates (Scheduled Issues) as well as history of all the tasks created on the particular template in Jira. A user can edit the information introduced in Scheduled Issue and change the time of future creation at any time. It is possible to manually create a task using the template on a day when it’s going to be needed, with the use of only 1 button.   

Facilitation for project managers

Planning tasks in projects in progress, especially those which are repetitive (e.g. periodical trainings, tests, meetings, renewals of any type, updates or onboarding related activities) take a lot of time and can be irritating. Owing to The Scheduler, each of the tasks can be introduced only once, it is just enough to create a template (Scheduled Issue) and set the right dates. Easy, isn’t it?

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