26 November 2018
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DevOps – culture, philosophy and cooperation model

DevOps is a definition that rapidly trends up and at the same time it stays not fully comprehensible. Atlassian, as a global-range developer of systems for business projects and processes management tries to promote DevOps way of thinking and through this learn how spread the word through its customers. Get familiar with key assumptions standing behind DevOps idea and start to put it into motion in your company.


DevOps is a model used name a way of cooperation during software development. During an event of MasteryCamp series in Amsterdam, Atlassian brand representatives disclosed what is cloaked behind this name and why clients should be encouraged to implement DevOps solutions into their business environments. Magdalena Kwaczyńska, Business Analyst from TT PSC Atlassian Department and Daniel Chwaszczewski, DevOps Coordinator were both participants of the event. As DevOps approach starts to be a standard of software projects leading, I’ll do my best to show its major assumptions.

Work better together

“DevOps” is from a linguistic point of view a portmanteau (aka contamination) – a new word created of merging two already existing ones: “development” and “operations”. This also reflects a general idea behind it. Software developers and the rest of teams are directly involved in a process leading to creation something new out of existing resources. Unlike in recently used methodology of software development in regards to mutual cooperation, where designers where physically and metaphorically separated from the rest of departments in a company, now all involved parties need strict cooperation. Previously, first group was responsible entirely for product enhancement by code creation, support team was delegated to troubleshooting, quality assurance (software testers) were checking stability of a planned to be released product and rest of the crew were dealing with issues like package building, or deploying apps on dedicated environments. It had happened so often that communication was limited only to bug reporting and chasing deadlines. Involved parties were because of that very often conflicted with each other, which further resulted in lack of understanding and other growing misunderstandings.


Atlassian, both via its products, trainings for its partners and materials published on its own communication channels tries to convince that TEAMWORK is definitely BETTER.


DevOps quotes Atlassian
Source: Atlassian materials

And namely?

DevOps culture incorporation in your business environment should focus mainly on removing any internal divisions and obstructions. Those steps must be supported with particular actions enabling to introduce proper solutions, resulting in fluid cooperation.


DevOps is:

  • One, mutual work environment;
  • Management model of projects, unified for all of specialists that are bound to be in one team;
  • Job automation – introducing tools for performing repetitive tasks;
  • Small steps approach; gradual project realization;
  • Taking into consideration users’ reviews and based on it, reasonable changes;
  • Teamwork and engagement of all members on any stage of the project – you build it, you ship it, you run it.


DevOps framework, DevOps how it works, DevOps solutions
Source: Atlassian resources

Jira and other Atlassian products – DevOps ready-made solutions

Atlassian Tools can be customized to meet business model needs of any market sector, however some of it are dedicated solely to IT software development teams. Wide range of offered products that can be mutually integrated and made cooperative, enables to create one, cohesive work environment. This is surely the biggest and the most crucial asset of Atlassian tools, taking into consideration especially DevOps approach.


  • Jira Software – system developed to integrate teamwork with coding and because of that an ideal solution for both Agile and waterfall methodologies. It is valued especially for its vast configuration possibilities in accordance with needs. All of that goes in pair with easy and intuitive user interface. Planning and management of Jira projects is lucid and the most important in all of that – effective. Development teams may consider using as well other collaboration tools making software creation less stressful:
  • Bitbucket – for code placed in Git repository management.
  • Bamboo – lets to effectively compile and integrate code, even in highly refined projects.
  • Crucible – for code review and amendment in SVN, Git, Mercurial, CVS and Perforce repositories.
  • Fisheye – enables to ease spotting errors and differences between different code versions.

Bet on DevOps!

<style=”text-align: justify;”>DevOps is an approach quickly gaining on popularity thanks to tangible benefits. Teams using it act definitely faster and at the same time they remain more effective and easier to overcome latent problems. Change of cooperation modus operandi, enhances interpersonal relationships and thanks to that even the most challenging and toughest projects are not seen as impossible to realize.

<style=”text-align: justify;”>TT PSC gives its full support towards implementing and using DevOps approach, as a company who has already done so and has not stepped back. If you want to introduce such approach to cooperation and teamwork in your company then do not hesitate to contact us. Our advisors will let you know what first steps should be taken and how to get your employees into it smoothly, as well as what tools of the mentioned ones will fit your team the best to get into full scale DevOps model.

<style=”text-align: justify;”>Any additional help needed? Do you look for solutions to boost your company productivity? If the answers are “yes”, then do not hesitate to give us a sign!

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