PTC Solution Center Access Program

12 years of cooperation with PTC in the field of providing projects as well as research and development activities, with the focus on constant delivery of the highest quality products, makes us main solutions centre in case of larger PTC production. Starting with PLM, through SLM, WPA, ALM to ThingWorx and AR. Our work has been awarded as the best in our field on numerous occasions. We are number one, still keeping relatively low prices.


At our work, we use PTC products which are used by different brands all over the world. They are versatile tools which allow adjusting their final form to clients' needs. We help companies not only in implementation processes which are based on PTC products, but we also help them develop this ecosystem. You can also expand your potential by means of cooperation with Transition Technologies PSC!


Our experience let us work actively at every stage of the project- depending on a client's needs, which means both starting work with configuration of a system and its integration or migration. We support numerous brands at every step of implementation process.

  • icon configuration and customisation

    Configuration and Customisation

    Do you lack one of Windchill functionalities? Start cooperating with us right away in order to customise and originally configure the system. Modifications, new functions, workflow, data models, CAD data management... the bigger the challenge, the better!

  • icon system integration

    System integration

    25 years of experience makes us experts in the field of business software integration, including i.a.: JMS; TIBCO; REST and SOAP WebServices; Info * Engine; ERP Connector as well as Enterprise Integration System and many others

  • icon update and migration

    Update and migration

    Focus on what is important during transition from older systems to new ones– which is your data. Our team will help you switch effectively and safely from the current solution to the latest one preserving U&M process scope

  • icon DevOps


    Cloud or LAN server? You don't have to wonder about that any more! Automate the managing development process – from planning and implementing infrastructure to software update.

  • icon quality assurance

    Quality assurance

    You are not satisfied with PLM solutions applied in your company? We know how to make software meet your expectations and be delivered on time. Get to know a new level of development quality, owing to our Quality Assurance services! Check out for more and experience it yourself.

  • icon training and workshop sessions

    Training and workshop sessions

    Let your employees develop their skills! Our knowledge which has been acquired for the last 12 years is used to run our workshops. It is the knowledge that allowed us to become one of the best ones in the field. Effective trainings are at hand.

You too can expand your possibilities and capacity thanks to cooperation with PSC with your standard Partnership contract!

How can you start cooperating with us?

  • icon contact
    01 Contact us

    Contact Transition Technologies PSC and send us project details.

  • icon agreeing details
    02 Agreeing details

    Agree details via cooperation form

  • icon place an order
    03 Place an order

    We will agree details together and you will be able to order TTPSC service.

Cooperation Forms
  • icon selling and making
    01 Selling and making a project without any advisors

    The project has been well-developed and you know how much work and effort have been put into it. At the same time, you understand the time limitations and you have got problems with human resources – we will provide you with advisor's help.

  • icon pre-order
    02 Pre-order stage

    Do you determine the scope of responsibilities, estimate the work load and analyse all possibilities at the pre-order stage? Contact us, and we will help you create a reliable and professional offer which can be presented to your client.

  • icon traffic signs
    03 Not sure if you can trust us?

    You are not sure if it is worth cooperating with us? There is no need for a long term agreements. Start with a 40-hour starter pack which can be used within a month at the price of €2000 and try out our potential!

Your first PLM project

We cooperate with the largest brands, so we will be pleased to lead your company through a project making process from the PLM field. Contact us and we will present you our action steps.

Experience the benefits of cooperation with PSC.

Leverage new business opportunities thanks to our experts’ help. Get to know what is known as PTC’s best Solution Center!

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Check our Case Study!

Find out how we have made other projects and what kind of profits have been gained by the companies which opted for implementation. Get familiar with other brands' goals and check the results of our cooperation.