Migrating an instance to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center

Don't be afraid of change! Together we will develop the best action plan.

Since 15th Feb. 2022, Atlassian no longer supports Server systems. The producer stopped developing them, and it is no longer possible to upgrade or downgrade Server licenses.  This means that companies that have so far maintained their instances on their own or third-party servers will have to choose between moving their infrastructure to the Atlassian cloud or changing their model to Data Center. What will be more beneficial in terms of functionality and price? The answer is not clear and requires individual consideration of each case.

A dedicated strategy for companies

Developing an optimal action plan requires checking many issues related to your instance. We offer support of experienced teams: analysts, administrators, programmers and consultants – thus we will comprehensively deal with the development and implementation of changes. We are committed to providing our customers with a failure-free IT environment built with Atlassian solutions, which the company will develop according to its needs.

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How do we develop a strategy?

  • 1
    The analysis of the client's instance:

    What kind of licenses the client has; for which Atlassian solutions and add-ons.

    How many users use the licenses.

    Which processes have been implemented per instance and how many.

    What customizations have been implemented on the instance.

  • 2
    Choosing the development path: Data Center or Atlassian Cloud

    Analysis: what will be more beneficial for the client? The migration to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center model?

    Estimation of costs of the migration process, new licenses and maintenance.

    Showing the pros and cons of both solutions in relation to the customer case.

    Demonstration of migration-related activities. More about this: A step-by-step migration.

  • 3
    Determining an action plan

    Suggesting a schedule of actions (based on previous data) with the time needed for implementation in order to be ready before the expiry of server license support.

  • 4
    The execution - expert teams

    The execution of the actions step by step, in cooperation with TTPSC experts: analysts, administrators, team of programmers and business solution consultants.

  • 5
    The further development of the infrastructure

    We offer a regular cooperation, through which we will ensure that the instance operates without any failures and develops according to the growing needs of the client. We are at your disposal.

Piotr Tokarski TT PSC
We treat the expiration of support for server licenses as an opportunity for development and change, thanks to which companies will be able to operate in a more modern way, gaining more efficient working environments that will be continuously developed. Getting ready for migration requires a sensible approach and time to consider all options. In this situation, we must take into account, among other things, price predictions and those related to application development for the Cloud version. Feel free to contact us and get your company well prepared for the entire process, with the support of TTPSC specialists.

Piotr Tokarski
Business Unit Manager at Transition Technologies PSC

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From 15.02.2022 the producer is no longer developing it's Server tools and you are not able to upgrade/downgrade Server licenses.