16 October 2018
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Business development with the use of Remote Expert

Medium and large companies more and more often realise that work effectiveness of their specialists highly depends on the tools which they use on a daily basis. But what if we could not only improve the quality of their work but also their safety, and minimize company’s current expenses?


Most common problems for companies


Plenty of businesses focused on industry struggle with numerous technical problems, or to be precise, with the ones connected with service. Despite the fact that some mistakes made by machines can be fixed out of hand, it turns out that specialists responsible for device servicing or mending deal with cases that they have never contacted before.


In that situation, so at the moment when the business cannot work at full capacity, a vicious circle starts and it generates additional cost.


When one of devices stops working properly or at all, and a specialist who works in the company cannot find the root cause, the company needs to bring some expert over from a different part of a country or a distant part of the world. It leads to the situation when getting the specialist is not the only costly thing. The time turns out to be much more valuable.


In numerous situations concerning machine fixing, specialists are forced to go through a whole stack of documents or paper manuals. There is nothing strange about that as manufacturers know best about their machines, and the knowledge can be shared just this way. The problem is, however, the volume of the records and safety. An expert has to show attention divisibility – on the one hand, they need to read comprehensively, next, they should turn the theory into practice, and last but not least, they have to service the machine at the same time. It turns out that this type of activities are not only hardly effective but also dangerous!


Work with a Remote Expert


More and more companies are wondering about how to eliminate mistakes, shorten the time of particular activities performed by specialists and how to minimize the cost connected with service work. The answer to the needs of that type seems to be remote expert systems.


One of the tools used in industry is the first in the world wearable computer which is voice-controlled and adjusted to work in industrial facilities. We are talking about a tool which is known as RealWear HMT-1.

RealWear HMT-1

Specialists using RealWear HMT-1 can control the device using voice, even in a very loud environment. The possibility of touchless service is crucial here as the expert can focus on activities connected with servicing rather than on operating the machine itself. RealWear HMT-1 becomes a kind of partner, not a barrier.


Facing the needs of businesses, the device has been designed so that it could work with specialists in literally all conditions. That is why it is waterproof, dustproof, and it is resistant to falls from up to 2 metres. As far as additional information concerning specification of the device is concerned, it is worth mentioning that:


    • the device has Android operating system
    • it is compatible with a helmet
    • weight 380 g
    • it has a camera with 16-megapixel image stabilization
    • it can be operated in 10 languages
    • it has a Wi-Fi access
    • battery life can reach even 15 hours


RealWear HMT-1

Expert’s support from any place in the world!


If it happens in a company that an expert cannot manage mending a machine, while sorting through a manual and applying it did not work, there is a possibility of connecting with another expert who will lead our worker through the whole servicing process. MyRoom by Hewlett Packard Enterprise come in handy then.

MyRoom od Hewlett Packard Enterprise

My Room is nothing else than another tool which allows specialists, clients or business partners to meet in a private virtual room. Owing to see-what-you-see technology, our employee can show not only the problem but also a damaged device in real-time. This way, the company can more effectively use their sources, minimize or even limit the costs connected to work travels of other experts.


Perfect quality or encrypted connections make data flow safe and available to companies which do not have to worry about information leak.


Augmented Reality and Vuforia Studio


A proprietary solution by PTC, which is Vuforia Studio, allows to use the boons of 3D technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) on an industrial scale. This way, specialists hired in businesses can work not only on the attractiveness of the designed products but also on their effectiveness. Constant in-sight in the condition of a device/product which is being developed, allows to monitor improvement of the quality continuously, even before the attempt to produce it. Therefore, it reduces the cost related to the activities.


Vuforia Studio


What can appear significant for many people is the fact that we can use Vuforia Studio both working on a computer and mobile devices. This way, specialists can use the tools in any conditions as they have the most popular devices at their disposal.


But if you are wondering if Vuforia Studio is compatible with RealWear HMT-1, the answer is really simple. Yes, it is! That is another reason which shows versatility of this system. However, we need to remember as the benefits connected with exploitation of any tool are related to the choice of the right company which is responsible for configuration and implementation of the system. As specialists in this field, who have implementation experience on the global market, we need to get your attention to the fact that success depends also on the quality of cooperation. Choosing the best ones is worth it!


Work transparency owing to Jira Service Desk


Managing reports and monitoring work process on particular commissions can be much simpler if the companies use proper tools. One of the most versatile programmes for managing specialists work or external and internal customer service is Jira Service Desk – by Australian giant Atlassian.


Jira Service Desk


Jira Service Desk is nothing else but software which combines tools dedicated to programmers, with functions typical for a helpdesk. The system not only does store commissions/tasks, but also makes it possible to complete the data downloaded from devices used during service work. This way, data flow or work monitoring is transparent and much simpler.


What is important and worth highlighting is the fact that Jira Service Desk can be configured right for the company’s needs. Thanks to that, businesses are not limited in their activities and the tool they use can be personalised in 100%.


As specialists in implementation and optimization of the tool, we recommend performing a thorough analysis of the needs at first. Then, it is much easier to choose the right functionalities which will make commitment managing and use of the tool itself more efficient.


Technology dedicated to business influence its development positively. Additionally, it improves specialists work safety and reduces the costs. If you have a problem with the choice of the right tool or a system which your company could use – contact us! We will help you select an effective solution to our customer’s needs. Transition Technologies PSC specializes in creating solutions based on a range of different components and their integration. Trust our experience!

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