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7 May 2019
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Portfolio Experience 2019 – PMO embedded in Jira [PRESENTATION]

Portfolio Experience is a conference entirely devoted to project portfolio management – this year, our company has become the Gold Sponsor of the event. Tomasz Pabich, Project Manager in TTPSC Atlassian presented a topic ”How to set up PMO for any business project”.


Portfolio Experience conference– basic information:


  • Organized since 2014 in Warsaw.
  • Held once a year, in April.
  • A typically business-related event; addressed to management level.
  • Presentations given in two parallel sessions – in Polish and English.
  • Presentations have to be related to the topic of the conference; great emphasis is put on a practical aspect of presented solutions as well as on demonstrating use-cases.

PMO embedded in Jira – presentation

While preparing for the conference, we have established the aim of presenting valuable material which will make it possible for participants to learn crucial assets and functionalities connected with PMO solutions embedded in Jira. The choice of this ecosystem was natural for us – our department deals with implementation and customization of Atlassian tools (i.a. Jira, Confluence) for the needs of companies operating in different fields, to improve teams’ communication, accelerate workflow and to enable managing even the most developed projects. During the conference, Tomasz Pabich – Project Manager in TTPSC, gave a presentation consisting of the following parts:


1. Why PMO solutions are useful and why it’s worth having them implemented in Jira software.

2. Diversity of available PMO tools and a difficult choice to pick one of them.

3. The analysis of needs and implementing PMO in a company.

4. The most significant decision points.

5. An example and guidelines concerning PMO settings in Jira.


We’re sharing the material presented during the conference with all the people who might be interested:


The impression

Portfolio Experience conference is a great choice for people interested in widely understood portfolio and PMO management. During the conference, especially after my presentation, I met a lot of project managers who face exactly the same problems as I do; I also had an opportunity to meet clients who we support on a daily basis as TTPSC. A possibility of discussing interesting cases and relating them to a different context than the one we know from our daily work, is always a valuable experience. I hope the participants came back with new ideas for improving project management office which will make their organizations work more efficient, and we will be able to present them as examples of great PMO during the next conferences – Tomasz Pabich, Project Manager in Atlassian department of Transition Technologies PSC.

Portfolio Experience 2019 – our assessment


  • Well-organized.
  • Good localization.
  • Typically business-related nature of the meeting.
  • Plenty of valuable, substantive presentations.
  • Interesting key-notes.”
  • Great opportunity to share and gain knowledge.


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