After a two-year break we return to the Atlassian Summit as sponsors of the event. In Las Vegas, Tomasz Pabich, Project Manager, will give a lecture on “The dos and don’ts of transforming your company culture”, while Mirosław Żyszczyński, Technical Support Team Leader, has once again been invited by the Australian producer as one of the most active people in the Atlassian community. You will be able to meet with our experts at a special stand – we will present our own applications, extending the functionalities of the Jira system.

Update: 5th March all of Atlassian Summit participants received information:

The health and well-being of every Atlassian, customer, partner, and sponsor is our top priority. Over the last few weeks, we have been closely monitoring the unfolding coronavirus (COVID-19) situation around the world.

After careful consideration, this means that we will also be cancelling Partner Day, and do not know if the content will be included in the Atlassian Remote Summit 2020 at this time. Our teams are working hard to determine exactly what that experience will include.”

Atlassian Summit 2020

This year’s edition of the event, like last year, will be held at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center in Las Vegas. The organizers predict that it will be attended by nearly 5,000 participants, including people from companies that are official Partners of the brand, as well as entrepreneurs using or interested in Atlassian solutions. The event was divided into a series of lectures grouped according to subject and special sessions, dedicated to e.g. developers, Partners or specialists who want to obtain certificates confirming their knowledge of Atlassian products. All this will take place from March 30th to April 2nd, tightly packed into a busy schedule.

The area of Mandalay Bay will be divided into, among other things, conference rooms, a separate space for those acquiring certificates and rooms dedicated to specific groups (e.g. Community/Customer Lounge). The sponsors’ stands will be set up in the open space – one of them will be the purple “microcosm” of the Transition Technologies PSC solutions – please stop by!

Program of the event

The Atlassian Summit is an event organized on a grand scale. For a better, more readable layout, it has been divided into:

  1. Keynotes & breakout sessions – the most important part of the Atlassian Summit are lectures preceded by speeches by people who have been very successful in business in various areas of activity. It is these “keynotes” that attract the largest number of listeners and are a great prelude to the following sessions; Atlassian has divided them into 9 topics (we describe them later).
  2. Courses and training – the program includes a schedule of training sessions and workshops in which participants can take part. The choice is really vast and when making decisions you often have to give up on other options that will take place simultaneously. Training sessions offered include “Jira essentials with agile mindset”, “Getting more from Jira workflows” and “DevOps simulation workshop”.
  3. Certification exams for professionals who want to obtain a proof of knowledge of Atlassian products. During the event they will be able to take an exam and test their skills.
  4. Atlassian Community – events dedicated to the community focused on Atlassian solutions; it consists of Jira administrators, support teams and other specialists (e.g. business analysts) who deal with implementation or maintenance of Atlassian solutions in their daily work. This community uses dedicated channels created by the Atlassian brand to communicate on a daily basis.
  5. Partner Day – a segment for companies that have an official Atlassian brand partnership.
  6. TAM Day – a section dedicated to specialists operating between the sales department and the IT team; the name of this section is derived from “Technical Account Manager”, which best reflects the competences of the people taking part in it.
  7. Bash – a loud afterparty, where all that matters is having fun

Main topics of the speeches

Due to the multitude of lectures, the organizers decided to arrange the schedule by grouping the presentations into the following topics:

  • Power Sessions – topics focused on Atlassian products; best practices for teams; the latest changes and updates to Atlassian solutions, including those in the “enterprise” version.
  • Collaborate – presenting Atlassian solutions as improvements for non-technical teams; presenting use cases; project management guidelines; improving teamwork by using appropriate tools; managing documentation and creating a shared knowledge base.
  • ITSM&IT Operations – lectures on the extensive capabilities of Jira Service Desk as an ITSM solution that changes the quality of service and customer experience (for the better ). An extensive section, during which there will be plenty of examples of use and presentations of solutions supporting comprehensive IT process management, as well as communication and development of DevOps teams.
  • Modern Development & DevOps – lectures focused on the possibilities offered by such solutions, dedicated to teams cooperating in the development of software, such as: Jira Software, Bitbucket, Jira Service Desk or Statuspage.
  • Plan & Track – a section related to the agile method of conducting projects; during the speeches, agile methodological guidelines will be discussed.
  • Scale – how to configure and administer Atlassian systems to achieve high availability, scalability and performance? How do teams support, update and manage the most complex instances? The answers to these questions will be included in the lectures in this very section.
  • Future of Work – what will work culture look like in the future? It will look like whatever we create it to be! What should we, as employers and employees, strive for? What is the most important for modern companies, what values should be introduced into the daily life of the company, which of them should be highlighted and how to change not only the atmosphere but also the attitude of employees? One of the speakers will be Transition Technologies PSC specialist Tomasz Pabich, who is a Project Manager and, less officially, Chief Empathy Officer


Tomasz Pabich, Transition Technologies PSC, Atlassian Summit 2020

  • You at Work – discussing ways to increase your own productivity at work; advice on how to change the culture within the organisation so that teams are more willing and effective in their work; highlighting the issue of trust and well-being within the team.
  • Ways of Working – ways, tools and methods to unlock the potential of your teams.

 TTPSC in Las Vegas

Participation in the Atlassian Summit is an opportunity for us to showcase our applications and services, to exchange knowledge and experience with other Partners and to learn about current and planned changes introduced by Atlassian. Each of us will benefit from participation in the event differently, because we have different competences. Thanks to this, TTPSC will be represented in almost every group of Atlassian Summit participants.

Mirosław Żyszczyński, Transition Technologies PSC, Atlassian Community

Michał Dubel, Transition Technologies PSC, Atlassian Development, Apps for Jira

Tomasz Pabich, Transition Technologies PSC, Atlassian Summit 2020, Project Manager

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