Atlassian Summit is an annual even organized by an Australian producer of software for work management, among which the most popular ones are Jira and Confluence. This year’s party attracted over 4,5 thousand people connected with the brand. We have prepared a short summary concerning the most important topics and changes announced by our strategic business partner.

What happens in Vegas, stays in…

This year Atlassian Summit celebrated its decennary; this even was organized for the first time in Las Vegas, more precisely in a congress center of one of the most popular hotels of the city – Mandalay Bay. The choice of a place turned out to be a great one, most of all because of the number of participants. For comparison – in 2009, Atlassian Summit gathered approximately 400 people in a medium size Palace hotel in San Fransisco. Las Vegas faced 4,5 thousand of the event’s participants, which pictures the size and rank of the event after a decade.

For specialists in different fields

One day before the official start of Atlassian Summit, there was Developer Day organized, an event dedicated to programmers. Since 8:45 till almost 18:00, the participants could choose between two topics which seemed interesting for them, and take part in one of the parallelly conducted presentation paths. Between the discussed issues, there were i.a.: building applications working in the cloud, extending functionality of Opsgenie tool, crucial information connected with personal data, which developers need to know, or adjusting chosen Atlassian’s solutions to specific needs. Between 9th and 11th April, there were another subject groups organized, dedicated to different types of specialists:

  • Community Day gathering all the community of people helping in developing Atlassian Community; set on subjects such as: legal and financial regulations, cooperation with educational and public institutions, improving processes in teams; an important aspect of Community Day is experience and networking exchange,
  • Partner Day dedicated to business partners, where they addressed issues from the fields such as: sales and marketing, products and solutions by Atlassian (changes, updates, crucial improvements and benefits in using new tools), the most important trends connected with teamwork ( agile, DevOps, ITSM) and workshop related to technical side of Atlassian’s tools.
  • TAM Day – a closed meeting under the sign of Technical Account Management, during which they discussed mostly: possibilities of product scaling, new trends in building project teams and creating project development strategies, as well as modern business practices (e.g. incident management, changing into Data Center solution type, cloud solutions).


Unleash potential of every team

Atlassian, as a worldwide brand and business leader, create their slogans carefully and in a well-thought way. This year, they still emphasized the slogan „Unleash potential of every team” which calls for destroying silos between teams, providing them with solutions which will enable open communication and improve the workflow, and most of all, they will make it possible for them to believe that teamwork brings about the greatest results. Atlassian emphasizes the ‘human’ side of business; through their channels (blog, social media) they tell stories of employees and prove that it’s worth investing in and taking care of good atmosphere at work. „Unleash potential of every team” on the one hand touches issues connected with teamwork and caring for relationships, on the other hand – it corresponds with the offer. During Atlassian Summit 2019, you could realize that the brand begins underlining universality of their tools and possibility of customizing them to the needs of every business.
Platinum Solution Partner, Piotr Tokarski, TTPSC Atlassian
work better together, AtlassianSource: Atlassian

Be open

This year, Atlassian additionally goes out with an announcement „Be Open” propagating creating work environment, which goes beyond strictly business relationships. This way, the brand emphasizes the need of tolerance and openness not only to other people’s ideas, but also to their weaknesses, needs and feelings. ; to what defines them as individuals. More about ”Be Open” can be found on a dedicated website, where they placed examples of stories and statistic data showing how important in a daily work empathy and understanding of a team is:

Atlassian quotes, Abraham Lincoln quotesSource: Atlassian

Updates and novelties

As for strictly technical side, during Atlassian Summit, there were presented and discussed novelties concerning almost all the product portfolio of the brand. One of the most interesting news was announcement of Jira 8 software. The most significant improvement of this version is its speed. Atlassian is proud of twice as short time of loading boards and 21 times faster loading pages in Jira, which additionally have over 10 000 Jira issues. This is a huge and necessary change for users, who did not want to waste quality and comfort of using Atlassian’s tools along with ecosystem’s development. The time of reindexing has been reduced at 71% comparing to the previous versions; JQL searching work more effective as well (31% faster than before). It’s properly described by the following example:

Jira 8 software with significant time loading improvementSource: Atlassian

Jira 8 already while being created was unofficially described by Atlassian as Jira Gr8, as there hasn’t been such significant acceleration for a long time. What is more, this version has also i.a. simplified project creator, possibility of individual configuration of email notifications, new task priority icons, as well as modernized and better board and project view. Furthermore, Jira 8 is also connected with access to a long expected mobile application– Jira Software mobile app – available in beta version for Android and iOS.

Among the news, there are also:

  • Jira Service Desk 4.0 – faster work, better stability, refreshed view of a client’s portal and greater possibilities of individual modification of its look.
  • Portfolio for Jira 3.0 – improvement of interface, modern and more intuitive look; greater possibilities of the look’s configuration.
  • Confluence 7.0 – some macros have been removed (e.g. jUnit Report Makro, IM Presence Makro, Network macro); and part of plugins, including all of those concerning HipChat, which has recently disappeared from Atlasssian’s product family; Confluence 7.0 additionally will be better organized and deprived of the functionalities which expire or are not used anymore.
  • Bitbucket 6.0:
    Bitbucket updates, Bitbucket 6.0, about Bitbucket, Michał Dubel

    Jira Align


    Jira Align AtlassianSource: Atlassian


    A new thing in the Australian giant’s portfolio is Jira Align, a solution known so far as AgileCraft. The product for managing project portfolios – presents in a clear and visual way projects accumulated in one, greater resource. This way, it’s easier to get a wider view of what’s going on in a company.

    Jira Align gives its users a possibility of dynamic application of any techniques, mainly SAF (Scaled Agile Framework), but also Lean, DAD, LeSS, Scrum@Scale, and so. Additionally, it has:

    • Visual presentation of ongoing projects, in a broader perspective.
  • Easier project management.
  • Functionalities dedicated to PMO.

Jira Align opinions, about Jira Align, what is Jira Align, Piotr Tokarski, TTPSC Atlassian

Directions of development

Atlassian continues the development of cloud solutions, investing in the next improvements in ”cloud” version.
Jira Cloud opinions, Cloud Atlassian, Atlassian Summit 2019, Tomasz Pabich

Great emphasis is also put on Data Center, which enables constant work of even the most developed ecosystem, without any downtime and with a risk of a breakdown minimized to nearly 0.

Soon, on there will be more information on the topic of this solution and all the other novelties which need a separate subject. We’ll inform about it on our Facebook and LinkedIn pages – follow us!

Do you want to know more about Atlassian’s products? Contact us:

phone: 607 300 279


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