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Staffing Timeline. Atlassian App. Transition Technologies PSC

Planning the work of employees is one of the most important stages of each project. Every manager holding Staffing Timeline can easily plan the work of his employees on projects, which will result in better development of the company. Staffing Timeline is an ideal tool for long-term planning of work and holidays. The activity can be planned with precision to an hour or rounded up to the full days. Everything without a single edit on the page!

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Doing things again and again is irritating. Creating repeatable tickets and issues in Jira also. Our app Scheduler do it for you. It will help you to create repeatable tasks in Jira automatically. The only thing you need to do is to prepare your template and determine when a new ticket should be created – that’s all! Your issues can be created every day, every week or in any, definite by you, period of time. Try it and if you like it - just buy the license!

Use this app for: Jira Cloud, Jira Server

What about easy way to manage vacations in your organization? Even better - an all-in-one solution that runs within Jira? If so, Vacation Manager is exactly what you want! Easily manage vacation request of your employees and coworkers. With Vacation Manager you get easy to use, yet powerful vacation managing system that fully utilizes Jira Issues and Project as main base. It's highly customizable - you can create your own vacation types that matches your needs: recurring every year or other period, one-time only, with days limit or without.

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If you need to send some information from Jira via e-mail you should try this app. Thanks to it, you can create a template and send information about any issue in Jira via e-mail. You are able to easily customize your templates to individual user’s needs. You can send it to internal Jira users or to external addressees who don’t have accounts in Jira. You can share your templates with other Jira users – it will easily standardized the communication in your company. Facilitate your work – use Email Task for Jira today.

Use this app for: Jira Server


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