The biggest challenge so far – extended realization for Transition Technologies S.A.

Transition Technologies S.A. is a mother-company of our organization. Since 1991, it has been combining technologies with business, creating new standards for work organization. The main operation fields are: energetics, industry, gas industry, medicine, data science, information management and outsourcing. It was a pleasure for TT PSC Atlassian department to realize for the organization exceptionally extended and advanced implementations with the use of the latest solutions of Data Center type.

Works for Transition Technologies S.A. required a great deal of knowledge, qualifications and creativity. Our main task was to transfer issue handling system of energetic sector companies to Jira Service Management and Confluence environment as well as to configure them and extend functionalities of the tools based on scripting extras and dedicated applications (and now, try to read it with in one breath?). We had to not only schedule and order processes connected with handling issues of a specific field which is energetics, but also transfer them to a new environment which was appropriately prepared so that it met all the needs and requirements. In order to do that, we have chosen and configured the right extras as well as created dedicated applications. All the solutions are in accordance with ITIL and meet the highest quality standards.

„Impossible” is nothing. Customized solutions for business

Because of specific requirements, it was necessary to introduce unusual extensions and applications to meet them. We introduce a few interesting configurations made in relation to the needs of the client:

  • Customized solutions concerning escalation service.
  • Automatic copying of elements from the main reported issue into subtasks (together with creating those subtasks).
  • Client’s portal –configuration of only necessary elements, together with copying configurations from other projects.
  • Scripts realizing specific requirements concerning notifications.
  • Managing users (index of users attached to LDAP) at the level of application, project, roles (default groups and users).
  • Possibility of creating and changing queues according to groups and filters.

As part of works, handling the following processes and services have been realized:

  • Incident management.
  • Problem management.
  • Change management.
  • Application for service management.
  • Knowledge base management.
  • Configuration base and CMDB management.
  • Service catalog management.
  • SLA agreements management.
  • Multi Service Provider service (possibility of configuring availability of given service only for specified clients and users).
  • Subproviders’ service contracts management.
  • Report module.

Implemented extras:

  • Insight Asset Management – managing assets and CMDB.
  • Tempo Timesheets – work time reporting.
  • Scriptrunner – an extra which makes using scripts easier.
  • The Scheduler – an extra which makes it possible to create tasks periodically and automatically.
  • PowerScripts – an extra which makes using scripts easier.
  • Arsenale Dataplane – Jira Reports – an extra which makes it possible to use detailed reports.
  • Automation for Jira – makes it easier to introduce automatic functions of different types.
  • Queues for Jira Service Management – extends queues’ functionalities in Jira SD.


Used tools:
Dedicated applications
TT PSC services:
  • Hosting
  • License maintenance
  • Trainings
  • Post-implementation support

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